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  • 2019-2020年德国总理奖学金中国获奖者出炉


    The German Chancellor Fellowship


    The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's German Chancellor Fellowship provides the opportunity for young leaders from the U.S., Russia, China, Brazil and India to pursue a self-designed project during one year in Germany. The fellowship seeks prospective thought leaders from a broad range of professional fields such as politics, public administration, law, business and the arts. Fellows are mentored by a host that fellows have to select themselves before applying. In addition to a generous stipend and mobility allowance, fellows are provided a language scholarship for a two-month intensive language course in Germany. Also, fellows participate in a two-week study tour of Germany, the Foundation’s annual meeting with a reception held by the Federal President, and a meeting in Berlin, which includes a reception at the Federal Chancellery.


    Program Length 项目时长: One year 一年

    Location 项目进行地: Germany 德国

    Degree Level 所需学历: Post UG &Graduate 历届和应届大学本科毕业生

    Amount 项目金额: 2,150-2,750 EUR monthly stipend+additional benefits 每月津贴2150到2750欧元+额外补贴

    Official Website 官方网站:www.humboldt-foundation.de/youngleaders


    From April 28 to April 30, 2019, candidates who passed the primary selection came to Cologne in Germany to take part in the final selection. After two consecutive days of strained selection, the new German Chancellor Fellows from China were selected, and they will start their one-year fellowship starting this fall.


    10 fellows from China have diverse backgrounds


    This year, 15 candidates from China were invited to the selection meeting in Cologne. Again, like last year, this time the number of Chinese fellows reached the limit --- 10 candidates were granted the fellowship. The fellows' fields are diverse, besides academia, they are from law, finance, media, health, culture, art and other fields, some of them are entrepreneurs, some are PhD students. The age of the fellows ranges from 25 to 34 years. Therefore, no matter which field you are from, as long as you have completed a bachelor's degree less than 12 years, then you all have the chance to win the fellowship.


    Female accounts for 4/5


    This year, there are 8 women fellows and 2male fellows from China. In 2017, only female fellows were selected, and in 2018, there were three male fellows among the ten. According to the recent three years’ record, we can see that the number of female candidates/fellows is still more than that of men. It is hoped that more outstanding Chinese young men with leadership potentials will actively participate in future applications.


    Chinese young people should seize this Great Opportunity!



    The number of applicants this year has not changed much compared to recent several years’ numbers, and there remains a large potential to grow. Compared to the number of applicants from Brazil, India, United States and Russia, the number of Chinese applicants is still the lowest. Since German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced in 2006 that China will also be included into the area coverage of German Chancellor Fellowship, there have been over 100 fellows who benefited from this opportunity. What’s more, fellows are encouraged to connect with young leaders from other economically and politically influential countries (USA, Russia, India and Brazil) to establish international and interdisciplinary networks, which matters a lot in building oneself to be a future leader.

    Hope that more Chinese young people with leadership potentials can chase after their dreams, be brave to make changes, and grow to be the pioneer of the time in the international arena. The German Chancellor Fellowship will be a great opportunity to enhance academic and professional development in your life, and your life will be positively changed. During this fellowship, the fellows may not only get opportunities to communicate with international scholars and professionals from their own professional fields, but also have chance to get to know young talents from various industries in different countries and establish their own social networks. On the international stage set by the German Chancellor Fellowship, you will have the opportunity to make your voice heard by the world and have impact on the world in your own way.


    Now let's meet the 2019-2020 German Chancellor fellows from China



    Wang Yuxin is from Sichuan. He holds a Master's degree in Public Administration from School of Public Policy at Central European University. Currently, he works as a consultant for a global public health initiative. Through his project, he hopes to better understand Germany’s experience in cultivating, incentivizing and supporting its nationals to work at the United Nations, and how these best practices can benefit China to rectify its under-representation status quo at the United Nations.



    Huang Fei, PhD student from Tsinghua University, her areas of research include political economy,communications,and public policy and she cares about international development. She has multiple experiences interning and working at international organizations,think tanks and universities. Focusing on the landscape of Post-Paris Agreement Climate governance and communications, she will explore the significance of German-Chinese partnership in terms of the attempt to go beyond tragedy of commons in climate change issues.



    Su Jing is from Shanghai, and has a Master degree in German language and literature. She is now working in a German official cultural institution. She has studied and lived in several cities in Germany before, and this time she will continue to improve collaboration and exchange between China and Germany. Internationalization of the Cultural and Creative Industries will be her research topic at the Competence Center of the Cultural and Creative Industries of Germany. 



    Yiu Choi Man is from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and is graduated from the faculty of law in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  She is a qualified solicitor in Hong Kong.  She has been focusing on issues regarding human rights and rights to privacy.  The theme of her project is studying the post-GDPR regulatory framework of data protection in Germany, and its impact to third party payment service providers.  She aspires to facilitate the exchange on the relevant laws between China and Germany.



    Ni Junying is from Shanghai, majoring in German. She has worked for The Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) and the German Political Foundation--The Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation. Currently she is engaged in research in German industry institutions. She will go to Germany to work on the deepening of economic and cultural exchanges between China and Germany. And promote economic and trade exchanges between the two countries.



    Yin Liang is from Xi'an, and graduated from Wuhan University and East China Normal University. Currently he is a department director and think tank analyst at Shaanxi branch of a Chinese national news unit. He will complete the project Research on the relationship between German think tanks and the media under the guidance of Dr. Martin Thunertin the University of Heidelberg. He looks forward to learning about the status quo of relevant fields and the advanced experience of Germany, and seeking a better path for the development of Chinese media and think tanks.



    Graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with M.A. in International Journalism Studies, Zhang Mengyuan (Effy) serves as the deputy chief editor of Caixin Globus, an international news media platform incubated by China’s leading financial information provider Caixin Media Group.  She focuses on Chinese economic undertakings overseas under the aegis of the Belt and Road Initiative, especially in Europe and Africa. She will conduct a journalistic project themed Revelation of Chinese Investment in Germany and Prospect for Germany-China Industrial Collaboration, under the supervision of German newspaper Handelsblatt.



    Shen Ying is from Jiangsu, and got her LLB, LLM and PhD in law degrees from China, Germany and Australia, respectively. She has work experience in the court, universities and law firm. While conducting legal research work, she is also enthusiastic to legal practice relating to pro bono and rights protection. To promote the establishment of legal system on child protection in China, she will carry out the project on child protection legislation in Germany. Through analyzing the German legal system combating child abuse in institutions and examining its implementation in praxis, this project aims to investigate whether Germany’s legislation experience could provide a good example for China on addressing the issue of child abuse.



    Wu Xueqin is from Beijing. She graduated from Universiteit Utrecht in the Netherlands with major in transnational law. Currently she works in the area of intellectual property management, and she hopes to speed up patent examination and management through artificial intelligence. Her project in Germany will focus on “AI solutions for the Patent Industry”.




    Xia Xinming, a Ph.D. candidate at Peking University, studies Economic Geography. She hopes to demonstrate the foundation and future direction of Sino-German cooperation through the study on the evolution of small and medium-sized enterprises. She will carry out a research project with the theme of  The cluster, spill over and evolution of SMEs in Germany: A Comparative Study with China , which is based on the practice of China and Germany.


    New Fellow's comments: an impressive selection process, both tough and exciting


    The candidates are all highly skilled and talented. Anyone who participates in the selection, together with such cohort of peers, may feel stressed out. But at the same time, candidates are proud to be able to embrace challenges with the company of extremely outstanding peers.


    Specifically, in the group discussion session, how to demonstrate yourself in a reasonable and conducive manner, to help the team complete the group task and obtain the approval of the judges, is a test of the candidate's comprehensive literacy and coordination ability. In the poster display session, the test is the candidate's ability to combine thinking and image creation, especially how to express project elements concisely. The most crucial part of the selection meeting, is the personal interview session, when surrounded by a committee composing of industry veterans from China and Germany, not only requires candidates to have good psychological quality and quick on-the-spot response, but also requires candidates to have a clear understanding of their career plan. Candidates must have deep thoughts about their career aspirations, the practical significance of the project, and be able to express themselves in a concise way.

    >> 获奖者所具有的未来领袖特质 <<

    The fellows have the common traits of future leaders


    Comprehensive capacities and broad horizons


    This year, all components of the Selection Meeting: group discussion, individual interviews, and poster presentations, put more emphasis on the comprehensive capacities, inter-disciplinary knowledge system and broad horizons of the applicants. Successful applicants have shown their great command of professional skills, wide knowledge, and exceptional communication skills and leadership potential. Most of them have multiple international experiences, either it be overseas study or research, the development of international business, or the employment at international organizations.


    About posters


    If you want to create a good poster you should, for example, include pictures and texts, maybe even in 3D. It will make your poster very eye-catching. Another important thing is to think out of the box.


    Let's have a look at some examples of eye-catching posters


    the Here’s a poster by an applicant from the USA.  The information contained in the poster is relatively limited.  However, it has design elements such as 3D and hollow-out that could draw the attention from audience within a short period of time.


    This is a poster by a candidate from the Russian Federation.  It cleverly uses the design element of social media, so as to enable the audience to understand her intended timetable of the project.


    Another example is this poster by an applicant from Brazil.  It uses the techniques of data comparison by way of infographic presentation so as to enable reader to approach the idea in an easier way.  At the same time, it also makes a proper comparison of the issues in Brazil and Germany.

    联结世界才俊 奠定职业基础

    Linking the world's talents, laying the foundation of career


    Selected as a German Chancellor Fellow, you will not only have the opportunity to learn more about German society, but also learn and work closely with young talents from Brazil, India, Russia and the United States. Such a rare experience will bring incalculable help to the candidate's future career development.



    New application round for the 2020-2021 German Chancellor Fellowship is now open. Applicants may process the application on the official website. The deadline for the online application is September 15th.

    If you have any questions or need more information, please send questions or your CV to info@avh.de before you apply so we can advise you.


    How to connect yourself with other applicants?

    One simple way is to join our WeChat group. First you need to contact me by scanning the QR code below, and then introduce yourself in 3-5 English sentences. After that, I will send you the access to our WeChat group . There are many fellows in the group. They are all very warmhearted. If you have any questions, you can raise questions in the group, they will take your question seriously and answer you without reserve. In addition, I often invite the fellows to share their application experience in the group. These valuable predecessors' experience will help you get fewer detours and prepare for fellowship applications more efficiently. In 2018, besides WeChat webinar, some offline activities are also under consideration, in order to help you learn more about fellowship and better prepare for fellowship application.





    Want to know more about the German Chancellor Fellowship? Please follow the official Wechat public account.

    The German Chancellor Fellowship for Tomorrow's Leader